How after hours GPs are changing the face of emergency clinical conditions

Southern Australia had the largest number of residents seeing a GP after hours which is about 11 percent and Tasmania has the lowest rate about 6 percent. This part of Australia also has the highest rate of seeing after hours GP for the health of babies and children. Such doctors can provide medical aid to people in severe health conditions when the regular doctor’s chamber is closed for that particular day.

after hours gp

Gaining access to reasonable GP services after hours can be a bit difficult for patients in emergency health conditions – specifically those patients who are critically ill and not in a condition to travel to a healthcare centre in close vicinity.

GP after normal hours is a feasible liaison

Some people are of the opinion that the emergency room in any hospital is the best option for dealing with a sudden health issue. But you must keep in mind that in order to reach the emergency ward of any hospital or healthcare centre, you shall have to arrange for an ambulance. Also emergency wards are ideal for acute health conditions, and therefore, in most cases, you are unlikely to be served first even though you may have appeared earlier. Emergency services are about who has been most acutely injured or in a critical health condition. Therefore, if you have had a painful sprain in your leg, you may have to wait for hours simply because someone has a broken his leg as he tripped off the stairs or someone has met with a severe road accident. Therefore, in such a scenario, an after hours GP can be the most feasible option.

A new approach to conventional treatments

Ready access to an expert physician is the key to maintaining good health. In previous times, doctors had to pay a house call, in case there was an emergency. But nowadays, with the easy availability of after hours GP, this problem is solved to a great extent. The physicians who travel from home to home to treat patients with urgent but not life-threatening condition pose a new challenge to the conventional general physicians. But this new model of healthcare services is a great attempt to offer a widespread access to medical facilities.

Understanding the advantages

The benefits proffered by the GP after hours Brisbane has are quite obvious. These can potentially fill up the void for people who feel so sick and ailing that they cannot wait until the next day to seek treatments themselves or their close ones. Such patienafter hours gpts had no alternative other than going to a hospital in an ambulance. But today having a proficient doctor right at your doorstep seems much more convenient. Check out Smart Clinics

Supporting the people in need

It is quite obvious that the people hailing from the suburbs, and the rural areas would be greatly benefited from these unconventional GP services. Also there is a lack of proper GP services during the after-hour period in places away from the major cities in Australia. Such people can be aided medically when they visit after hours GP in Brisbane. It offers an appreciable choice between visiting an emergency room or accessing the more convenient and quicker after hours clinical treatment.

Thus, the after hours GP Brisbane has is a practical way of strengthening the patient doctor bonding to a greater extent.

Factors Affecting Workplace Health and Safety

All business owners bear the responsibility of ensuring that their places of work adhere to the minimum standards stipulated in Workplace Health and Safety regulations. There also are specific regulations dealing with Workplace Equipment, Manual Handling, Working at Height and Fire Safety Order among other requirements. New Zealand workplace health and safety regulations take into account a number of factors for instance.

Temperature and Ventilation

Enclosed places of work require being ventilated sufficiently. A lot of shops and offices are fitted with air conditioning, implying that ventilation is not a problem usually, even though air conditioning might pose its won challenges. People normally differ in their requirements for warmth. It might be impractical to specify a standard temperature to suit the needs of everyone. Office environments however need to be maintained at a minimum of 16°C and areas requiring physical activity such as warehouses at 13°C minimum temperature. Business owners need not adhere to any maximum limits of temperature. However most of them might require comfort and productivity for their staff and thus undertake measures to minimize any high temperatures present.


Levels of lighting need to suit the type of work being undertaken at business premises. Backup/emergency lighting requires being provided where general lighting could fail. Overall levels of lighting, called Lux Levels, vary between different activities and may range from 50 lux to over 800 for close detailed precision work. New Zealand workplace health and safety regulators advise for example that controllable lighting could lead to reduced stress levels along with increased levels of job satisfaction.


All the staff require having personal space and adequate area to facilitate effectiveness while working along with freedom of movement. It is ideal to have 11 cubic meters, having accounted for the floor as well as areas behind and above the worker.

Workstation Arrangements and Design

It is important to provide suitable seating that supports lower legs and back if work gets completed while sitting down. Reasonable adjustments like raising desks or providing footrests should be made in cases where the user is either too tall or too short.

Floors and Staircases

Floors need to be kept in good order with surfaces which are even and non-slippery. Handrails should be fitted into staircases and many offices now have mandatory rules of using handrails owing to possibilities of accidents including trips, slips and falls.

Housekeeping and Cleanliness

Places of work require being kept tidy and clean. Waste materials should be removed regularly and not allowed to build up. Cleaning of workplace environments that includes ceilings and walls should be done regularly too.

Gates and Doors

Gates and doors need to be constructed in a suitable manner with appropriate safety gadgets and any glass used adhering to required quality standards. Fire doors should be kept closed not being utilized and not left open.

Overall, business owners within New Zealand require considering different factors affecting health and safety within the workplace. Suitable systems are available from specialists in this field that comply with New Zealand workplace health and safety requirements.

Mosquito Bands – A Smart and Safe Option to Fight Mosquitoes

While global warming is posing challenges of high temperature, extreme humidity for people when they are outdoor, mosquitoes are also posing new health threats with dreadful mosquito bitten health challenges like dengue, malaria, etc. Zika virus, the latest health threat caused by an insect bite, has spread a new dread among people, mostly in the US. While many people are succumbing to bug sprays and repellent ointments not everyone is comfortable with these. Some are allergic to these sprays, while others find it irritating to apply ointment in high humidity and some experience skin irritation with these. Under such circumstances when people do not feel comfortable with the idea of using these chemical products, mosquito bands seem to be perfect options, which are chemical free.

The Effectiveness of a Mosquito Band

There have been lots of rumors and stories about the mosquito bracelets and their effectiveness in protecting from mosquitoes. It might be true that sometimes media sources boasted about these too much, however, according to studies and laboratory tests not all bands were found to be useless. The bands which came with a localized fan were found to be more effective than those which had no fan. Moreover, since studies revealed a lot about the use and advantages of these mosquito bands, these products have gained massive popularity over time.

Safe Use for Kids

DEET the most popular chemical used in mosquito repellents or other chemicals is generally not considered to be safe for kids. However, it is even not possible to restrict kids indoors. Therefore, as parents when you let your children go out, you need to take protective measures to secure them from mosquito bites. But using chemicals in such cases may pose even a bigger risk, since delicate skin of the kids may not be able to take chemicals.

Most mosquito bands are made of natural organic oils and ingredients. And with the use of a fan, the ingredients are sprayed across. Since there is no chemical involved in the process, there is no risk of chemical allergies or irritation if you use them for kids.

Kids have a delicate skin, and chemical ointments or repellants can cause irritation or skin allergy. However, these bands made of organic ingredients are safe on their skin and health.

Some kids get irritated while applying repellent creams, but these bands are quite exciting for kids to wear.

Your kids can actually wear them everywhere as well as you too, and use it just like a fashion accessory.

How to Choose a Mosquito Band

When choosing a mosquito band for children and adults alike, there are a lot of things you need to consider, such as the following:

Choose only those bands which are made of organic ingredients to avoid skin problems.

You can also look for built-in fans in the bands which make them more effective.

Look for bands with adjustable wrist bands, which can be loosened or tightened accordingly.

Look for competitive prices among all the available options in the market.

Therefore, mosquito bands can be considered as a safe alternative to repellents and insect sprays, which use high dosage of chemicals that are not at all safe for kids.